Stage 1: Active Start, Ages 0-6 males </p><br /><p>and females

Key Objectives

Healthy lifestyle for life, Active involvement in squash (retention and adult onset or initiation). Almost all win-win casino best online casino slots australia! Have the ability to gather your winnings!


Clubs and community recreation programs. The ideal roulette and texas hold'em in our website wolf gold. Head over to to get major additional bonuses!


Club coaches/professionals and community recreation instructors.





Training to Competition Ratio

• Specific to each individual. The ratio is dependent on individual goals.
• Masters level competition is an integral part of squash in Canada.
• Many age group athletes will follow training to competition ratios similar to competitive athletes as they prepare for National and International age group competition.
• A significant number of players will not adopt a specific ratio and continue to participate in the sport of squash as part of their commitment to healthy active living.


• None specified for this stage.


• Technical development will be dependent on the athlete’s past experience, current desire and goals.


• Tactical considerations depend on the goals of each player.


• Largely an issue of keeping active for life.
• Different players may have specific objectives (competitive or not).



• Encourage an awareness of the mind/body connection.
• Avoid negative self-talk.
• Encourage regular participation through goal setting.
• Develop focusing and relaxation techniques to help maintain concentration and control arousal levels in match play.
• Use imagery to reinforce physical skill acquisition, enhance strategic play, and to help motivate.
• Goal setting will be dependent on the individual squash player’s level of competition.
• Players competing in Masters squash tournaments should follow the same steps as the younger competitive players.

Ancillary Skills

• Players maintain general habits and practices aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
• Specific interventions may be taken depending upon level of play and other individual requirements.


• World Masters Games
• Provincial and National age groups
• Interclub
• NSO, PSO and Regional
• Coaching, officiating and volunteering
• Doubles



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